—Door to Door 
Supply Chain 

Logisys provides door to door service for delivering your time sensitive and valuable cargo on time safe and secure. Stations, routes, transit time, departure and arrival time are all fixed in advance and the vehicles depart at a fixed time as per the schedule irrespective of the load. Vehicles are tracked and monitored through their journey time and upon arrival at the destinations the goods are appropriately stored or further distributed for door delivery through our local vehicles.

Some highlights of our Door-To-Door solutions are:

Air/Express Rail Conveyance Option – multimodal solutions for your urgent cargo needs.
COD / DOD (Cash On Delivery/Draft On Delivery) - We collect the payment for your cargo's full invoice value from the consignee at the time of delivery.
FOD (Freight On Delivery) - You could book your cargo on a "To-Pay" basis where we collect the freight charges from the consignee.
Hard copy POD (Proof Of Delivery) - A copy of proof of delivery is sent to the consignor within a specified period.
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