—3PL Solutions 

It is a well recognized fact that there is a growing need for specialist cross-functional, aggregated logistics services in India. We are part of the East India Supply Chain Group, which has long been a proponent of 3PL activity and can proudly offer you world class 3PL services . The East India Supply Chain Group is anchored by EITA India Ltd. – established in 1955, EITA is one of the largest organizations engaged in providing transportation, secondary distribution, warehousing and other logistics related services in India. Our group companies include IFFL, an international freight forwarding operation and AW Travel, our customs clearance an express air cargo service provider. With our provision of specialty logistics services such as express cargo and projects implementation, we are an important link in the uninterrupted supply chain service experience that the East India Supply Chain Group can provide. We can therefore deliver the entire package of logistics services that seamlessly combine the collective infrastructure, assets and domain knowledge of the East India Supply Chain Group thereby giving you a one stop 3PL solution Expertise in Industry Verticals: Same as EITA IT focused approach: We are firm believers in adopting a technology based approach to how we operate – our vehicles are GPS enabled, our drivers and on field employees are equipped with mobiles for constant connectivity and we deliver customized MIS and other reports to you per your requirements. We keep a scanned database of our PoDs so we can provide you with a scanned copy well after the transaction date. We are also committed to ensuring that our tracking systems are updated every step of the way so that you are kept up to speed about the status of your goods. Our tracking system is developed in-house and is not off the shelf.

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